Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mini Quilt- Sewing Machine in a Log Cabin

I've finally finished my first sewing project of 2016! I made this mini quilt for Shari of Doohickey Designs, as part of a swap called the "Uplift and Inspire" Swap created by Samantha of Aqua Paisley.

Lately I've been obsessed with red, pink, aqua, and navy. Ahh such a beautiful color combination. I used a mixture of fabrics designed by Bonnie & Camille and Tasha Noel.

For the sewing machine, I used a pattern by Sew Lux called the Machine Sewn Mini. I've made it before, and I think it makes a really quick, cute, and fun sew.

I recently moved into a tiny yet charming log cabin, and since this was my first sewing project since moving, I thought it would be so fitting to design the sewing machine into a log cabin border. I had a little too much nostalgic fun sewing a log cabin while sitting inside a log cabin. :)

I look forward to taking lots of pictures of sewing projects at our new place.
Here's a few more shots...

I'm not sure if anyone really still comes around this blog... I used to be very active here and post lots. It's turned into more of just a place I come to when I've completed a project, just a hobby blog at this point. If you're still here, thanks for stopping by and I'll be back soon with another finished project!


  1. I am still here. Love this project - must find the pattern and make one!

  2. Rachel, that is so adorable and Shari will love it! These are some of my favorite color combos too, "sew" cute! And do you love your log cabin? Not just any old log cabin, it appears. Love your red front door and stone accent. What a beautiful backdrop! Happy New Home, by the way.


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