Sunday, April 19, 2015

Violette Value Quilt

When Amy Butler's team asked me if I'd be interested in sewing with her new line of fabric called Violette, it was an offer and privilege that I just couldn't pass up. Not only do I LOVE the deep, rich colors and patterns in this newest line of fabric, but I also love how it came to be, which is inspired by the south of France. I spent some time in the south of France when I was in college, so this fabric struck a chord with me all around.

I knew immediately that I wanted to sew a quilt for my dear friend, who I was roommates with in France! She just had a baby, so this quilt will be for her. Her baby's name is Jade, which is so fitting for this quilt, since several of the fabrics that I chose are from the "Jade" collection.

When it comes to designing a quilt with Amy Butler fabrics, my first thought is to not cut them up too much. Some quilt patterns have such small pieces, that if you are using larger scaled fabrics, you can easily lose perspective of the lovely detail designed into the fabric. I opted to make a Value Quilt, a pattern I first saw on Sew Katie Did's blog years ago.

I have to give a big shout out to my friend Mary Dugan (of Molly Flanders Makerie). As I was in the middle of making this quilt, I fell down the stairs and cracked a rib! I had to take a break from sewing for a couple of weeks. Mary asked if there was anything that I needed help with, and since I couldn't put any pressure on my right arm with a rotary cutter, Mary trimmed up all these blocks for me! What an amazing friend!!

It's a quilt made with half-square triangles (HSTs). Its amazing how just the twist of a half square triangle can completely transform the look of the entire quilt. I love how this quilt top came together.

My HSTs finished at 6.25 inches.

I quilted the quilt with straight lines with a dark blue thread.

Here is the back.

 I love this wavy stripe for the binding.

Thank you so much Amy Butler for creating these gorgeous fabrics!


  1. Wow! Rachel! This turned out so perfect! And what a great baby quilt. It will be cherished. Happy to help you my friend!

  2. love those colors! I'm a sucker for teal and I love this quilt! Good job!

  3. Beautiful fabrics, beautiful quilt?

  4. That should say beautiful quilt! Exclamation!

  5. I really like the colors of the fabric - it was such a great idea to keep the fabric in larger cuts than smaller as you're *would* lose a lot of perspective on the great design!


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