Friday, January 16, 2015

Handmade Christmas Gifts 2014

The holidays were a busy, and completely wonderful time for my family this year, and I am STILL recovering! The weeks leading up to Christmas were filled with lots of sewing and I loved it. I'm excited to finally share some photos!

Let's start with this amazing gift... I was taken by complete surprise when my sweet friend Mary of Molly Flanders, Maker of all things Quilty Good, gifted this quilt to me. I had watched it come together over on her instagram account, and I instantly loved it! I had NO idea that was for me! Mary really has a talent for making someone feel special. 

I have to share a few up close details. Mary is my idol when it comes to hand quilting. Look at all those amazing, perfectly stitched red lines! And look closely at all the small rectangles that she pieced. She put so much work and thought into this quilt. (Also, the adorable plate... Mary knows I have a love of all things "frenchie." She found this at Anthropologie. It will be so cute paired with the little clamshell mug rug that I made for Santa's cookies).

She included a few texty fabrics which I love, to give it that perfect scarlet and gray feel, "a nod to our OSU buckeyes," she says. The heart will always remind me of how much I love her! It is to represent Ohio, which is shaped like a heart and we happen to live right in the middle of the state. The slogan is- "Ohio, the heart of it all." I have a really good feeling that this special quilt will not be packed away with all my Christmas decorations. It will have a very special place up on my wall, so I can look at it all year round! Mary shares more details about it here.

I was glad I didn't come empty handed, although nothing could ever top the sweet gift from Mary. It's funny that we both made something for each other that reminded us of the great state of Ohio. I made this ornament for her, which is a cardinal, the state bird of Ohio. 

I used 100% wool felt (which will be available from Sunny Day Supply, Mary's amazing fabric shop, very soon). I also used Aurifil 50 wt for the tree details, and Valdani size 8 for the bird and blanket stitch.

I also came with a few of my favorite Christmas cookies, recipes here and here.

Another gift I stitched was for my friend Ashley. I love having stitching friends to sew for! Ash loves nautical things (she has great taste). So I used a neutral color palette to create these ornaments for her, so they can also be used as decorations other than the tree. More details on these coming soon!

Edited to add:
Just a few days ago, this amazing pickeldish mini quilt showed up in my mailbox. I honestly feel like I've hit the jackpot with amazing quilty friends! This was made by Ashley from Mommy by Day Crafter by Night. She chose the perfect colors, including some special prints from her Liberty stash. I just love the pickledish block, in fact I have a quilt in the making, and she's motivated me to get back to working on it soon!

This picture is from her blog. I am so touched by this gorgeous block. If ever there was a talented quilter, Ashely is it! I absolutely cannot wait to hang this on my wall! Read more about this amazing mini quilt on her blog here.

I had made a few dresden blocks for the ladies in my Bonnie and Camille sewing bee, and cut a few extras to make a gift for my mother-in-law. She recently redecorated her craft room, and I was hoping to add a little something to go on her wall. More details on this coming soon.

I also got a crazy idea to sew skirts for my 4 sisters. I fell in love with this easy maxi skirt that I sewed this summer, and wanted my sisters to have one too. 

My little guy stayed up late with me a few nights, as I was scrambling to finish these at my parent's house. 

It was a great Christmas. One of the very best parts was that my little sis came home from Paraguay! She had been living there for the last year and a half while on an LDS mission, learning the language and serving the people. She had an amazing experience. She brought back some very beautiful handcrafted gifts. The embroidery that you see here is called nanduti. From what I understand, after the embroidery is finished, the creator dips it in the water that they use after cooking rice. The leftover starch gives the embroidery a nice, stiff finish.

That wraps up my gift giving post for the year. I hope your 2015 is off to a great start. My family and I have a big move coming up this summer. We are moving out to the country, and we actually found a house over the holidays, so I'm going to be pretty busy over the next few months with all that. I have a few sewing projects in mind, and I'm hoping to carve out a few quiet nights to work on them! You can always keep up with me over on instagram. And thank you so much for reading my blog :)