Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Make an Olympic Headband (Tutorial)

{This was a guest post I did for Skip to My Lou two years ago for the summer Olympics}.

Are you excited for the Olympics? I just can't wait! I thought it would be fun to make some headbands for my daughters and I to wear during all the Olympic fun! The rosettes represent the Olympic rings, and here's how I made them...  

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I made two styles- one on a regular headband, and a smaller one on a sports headband.
Aren't they fun? :)

in the 5 colors of the Olympic rings (I bought 1/8 yard of each color, for 37 cents a piece at Hobby Lobby. This is enough fabric to make several headbands)!
--Headbands (choose plastic or elastic style
--Hot glue
--Felt (not pictured)

1. Fold your fabric in thirds, and cut on the folds. This creates 3 rectangles.
2. Snip each rectangle, and rip strips of fabric lenthwise.
3. Once you're ripped all your strips, you'll have a colorful pile of fabric ready to roll!
4. Now its time to create your rosettes. I just twist and glue onto the felt. For the sports headband, I prefer my rosettes to be smaller than the regular headband's rosettes.
5. Make a rosette in each color. I don't worry about tucking my ends under, because once you glue them next to each other, the ends will become hidden. (I could have spaced my rosettes closer together to conserve felt, whoops)!
6. Cut the rosettes out of the felt, and then arrange them on a clean part of the felt. Hot glue in place.
7. Cut around the entire shape. Use a good pair of sewing scissors to get around those corners. Glue to the headband.
8. Cut a small rectangle of felt, and glue it to the back of the headband for extra security.
9. TA DA! Let the games begin!!!

In addition to sporting these headbands, I've also got a lot of fun ideas for a backyard Family Olympics. Follow the links below!


Jenn said...

That is so creative and cute!

Jackie said...

What a great idea!

Angie said...

Hi Rach, i use a heart in my name too☺ I am SO thrilled that I found your blog!! I think you have such a fun personality (from what I've read). LOVE the tutorial on the cute Olympic rosette headbands. I'm going to make some for myself and my 2 daughters!! You could even do colors for each holiday! I'm a newbie with blogging, and I'm really excited to follow along! Thanks for sharing--♥Angie

Melanie @ Happy Being Healthy said...

Love, love, love! These are so so cute!


Love, love, love! These are so so cute!

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