Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My First Blog and Business Cards

My blogging has been a little sporadic lately... whoops. I've been working on some fun sewing projects, and I'm excited to get those finished up and blogged :) And for like my fifth time, I've revamped my blogging schedule. I am excited about it, and I'll tell you about it soon.

For today... I'm sharing a silly little secret. Way back when, like all the way back in 2009, I had a blog called Sugar On Top. I was thinking about it last night. Sometimes its just funny to look back at the things I used to do. Do you ever do that? This blog was my first peek into anything related to the craft/sewing online community. When I look back at this blog, it cracks me up! I had started it to go along with my little Etsy shop where I sold hair bows. It didn't take long until I abandoned this whole endeavor... we had a big move across the country, and it just fizzled away.

How do you like my blog header? I remember spending an entire day designing it. I think its hilarious now.

Today I thought I'd share one of my posts from Sugar on Top. Because I still think its very valid and everybody needs to be clued in... (kidding). It's pretty funny to look at these Hollywood babies, who are actually 6 or 7 years old now! Anyway, here we go :)

We all love our Hollywood babies. They are soooooo cute. This post is in no way meant to criticize their parent's parenting skills or their adorableness.

But I really am mystified about one thing.

They've got the clothes.

They've got the shoes.

They've got the strollers.

They've got gorgeous parents.

They are the trendsetters.


something is missing.

Where are the hair bows???

The hair do's???

It appears to me that our Hollywood babies are not trendsetters when it comes to hair. Check it out. See what you think.

She's got some great genes. I know Angelina's a busy mom, but someone please encourage a little pony tail on top!
What IS that pony-tail thing on top of Violet's head? At least they tried. But still. I guess it'd pass if there was a bow or flower attached somewhere. Maybe her Dad did her hair that morning. If that's the case.... A+.
Look at that head of gorgeous dark hair. How has it been left untouched? Oh, I just want to grab a comb and put little piggies on the sides of Suri's head. And two little polka dot bows.
I'm thinkin' a little barrette to pull back the bangs. Oh wait! Is that a boy? Never mind, perfect as you are!
I get annoyed when my hair is hanging in my face. How do you think little Apple feels?
Goodness knows that I don't have my children dolled up every single day, especially when we just stay at home. But when we actually go out, that is my excuse to do their hair! Add a bow! Make 'em match! I feel like my kids look orphaned when their hair is all amuck. Adding a bow doesn't turn them into perfect little pixie-angles, but it does increase their cuteness factor times ten! Not everyone feels the same way I do about bows, obviously, so...... Let's help 'em out. We'll add a little 'sugar on top' for them.

How 'bout a flower?
Yes! Love it!
Oh, how cute!
Positively darling!
So.....what do you think? Am I on to something here? Have you ever noticed to same thing? Someone please tell me if you know of a celebrity baby who has her hair done regularly! I need to know!


Not only did I have this blog and an Etsy shop, but I also designed my own business cards, using VistaPrint. I would send a couple in each order of bows that I sold. I remember being so proud of myself when I designed these! I really love Vistaprint. You can get some great deals on VistaPrint Products. So if you're in the market to start up an Etsy shop or a blog, I would totally recommend using Vistaprint to get things off the ground!


  1. That is hilarious! But you are so right! I mean, they don't even have a headband. My 4 month old can't even leave the house without at least a headband or even a little honey glued bow.

  2. Cute! And so true. A child can be dressed in rags,but still look great with her,or his, hair neatly combed and done. A child can be decked out in expensive designer clothes and look like a homeless rag-a-muffin with undone messy hair. It only takes a minute or two to comb,part, and possibly add a bow to a child's hair. It seems like it is worth the effort, and is a cheap way to keep your children looking well groomed, and even super cute.

  3. confession: Gwen's hair was always nicely topped with 'sugar' when she was a toddler. Caroline....not so much. I try. but most the time she pulls them out (even when I use those super tight mini-elastics!) and just looks like a child who just stuck her finger in a socket. Yup. I'm THAT mom. Sometimes I want to whisper to her, "Caroline, you're making me look BAD!" Well, I promise I take care of my child, despite her appearances. :)

  4. I love bows and pigtails on my 3 year old daughters super long hair. She, on the other hand, HATES anything in her hair. She won't even let my put in in a ponytail to go to the park! After having 3 boys, I made so many cute bows and headbands for my only girl. I ended up giving them all to my cousin.

  5. Bawhahaha...For my daughters 3month pics I plastered a big huge poinsettia on her head... It looked so naked with out anything. She literally had no hair until she turned two... So she never left the house without her head prettied up too! Oh... and the pediatrician's nurse took pity on her and showed me how to make bows stick magicly to her head (because she didn't even have hair long enough to clip)... Alittle dab of KY is magic bow glue... And it stayed all day... Who knew!


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