Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12 Days of Giveaways at Hearts.com!

With the 12 Day countdown to Christmas beginning today, there are lots of fun giveaways online. By far, my favorite that I've seen is from Hearts.com. I am excited to help them spread the love and awareness!

They are giving away a custom bag, with a $100 gift card to their website! One will be given each day until Christmas!

Just go to their Facebook Page to enter.

Something I especially like about this website is that each product comes with a description of where it was made, and by whom. Everything has a story.

Here are some of their products that I am crushing on:

Electric Crochet Clutch
Electric Crochet Clutch

Devarsee Scarf
Devarsee Scarf

Layered Tear Earrings

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  1. Can we crush on the same items? Seriously, I love EACH of your selections!


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