Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And the Blog Bash winners are....


Hello all! It's been a lot of fun celebrating my 2nd Blogiversary with you this month. Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to enter all the fun giveaways we had. And a huge thank you to each sponsor-- they are all my favorite! Each winner was chosen completely at random. They will all be contacted via email. If I don't get a response within 72 hours, I will choose new winners, and email them.

Blogging has been such a fun, exciting adventure. I keep saying that I'll continue doing it as long as it motivates me to be a good mom, and proves to be worth the time and effort. So far, it has been an amazing ride. The person who motivates me the most to keep going is my husband. (That didn't come right at first, just so you know. He was weary about the idea until last year when I launched Sew-vivor, which was how I earned my first 'paycheck' and more importantly, something that we bonded over because we kept throwing our ideas together. We felt like it was a success, and can't wait for it again, starting this January! He knows how much motivation I get from maintaining a blog, and I love him to pieces for encouraging me to work hard, and define what is important to me through blogging). Also thank you so much to my sweet sisters, mom, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and personal friends who support me. And of course, thank you so much to all of you fellow bloggers and readers, some who I have had the pleasure of meeting in person, and some who I will probably never get to meet. You mean a lot, and this blog would be nothing without you! :)

Ok, let's get to the good part.
And the lucky winners are.......

 Michelle Jolley


Hannah Jones

Diana Jensen

Kate and Heather


Nicola Wiggins

Elizabeth Pichotta

Lisa McGriff

Amanda Estroff
Stephanie Wenner and Sherrie Pridemore

winner TBA (hopefully today)... winner is chosen by Blogher
and......... remember this giveaway from way back in june? i said the winner would be announced as soon as i had finished my quilt. welp, sadly i'm still working on it, so we'd better just pick a lucky winner already!
Riley Blake Seaside Fat Quarter Bundle
#183, Jessica Christensen

Pirate Eye Patch DIY Tutorial

Happy Halloween everyone! What are you dressing up as? This year our entire family is dressing as pirates. We don't always dress up with our kids, but this year we couldn't help it, haha. I'm going to show you how I made this pirate eye patch (in about 10 minutes). I found a few plastic ones at the store, but they were all pretty uncomfortable. This version is great because it is soft. Ok, let's get started.

small amount of black fabric
any other decorative fabric you want
black elastic
thin batting
(I found my fabrics at Joanns, on 50% off! I bought 1/4 yard of each).

1. Cut 2 circles of black fabric. I also fussy cut around my skeleton (to get the image centered). If you have a solid fabric with decor on it, or if you just want your patch to be plain black, you don't need to have 3 circles. I just "eyeballed" the size of my circles, but you could trace around a cup or something circular for more accuracy.

2. I topstitched the crossbones onto one of the black circles.

3. Measure your elastic around your head. Subtract about a half inch. Now place the elastic over the front of the patch. TIP: I put the elastic at the top of the patch, so when you wear it, the elastic will not be in the middle of the patch. Having the patch hang down over your eye makes it more comfy.

4. Now place the other black circle, and then the batting right on top of the elastic.

5. Sew around all the layers, but leave a small opening when you come to the elastic that is sticking out.

6. Trim off the excess fabric, so it will turn right side out nicely.

7. Turn right side out.

8. Now tuck in the raw edges, and insert the other end of the elastic into the patch.

9. Topstitch all the way around, backstitching and beginning and end.

Arrrr! Now go walk the plank.
Happy Halloween matey's!

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ps- All Blog Bash winners will be announced tonight! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

once upon a weekend + blog bash recap!

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn't get the link party up the last two weeks- I've been busy traveling (to Sewing Summit) and having my inlaws visit!

Before the party starts, I just want to thank each and every person who has ever stopped by this blog. I've been celebrating my "2nd Blogiversary Bash" this whole month, and we've had 12 exciting giveaways. They are all still open for entries, ending on Oct. 30 at midnight, and all the winners will be announced on Halloween! Here are all the giveaways....

Wheat Grinder Grain Mill from The Wondermill Company

"The Morning has Broken" Flute + Harp CD, from Opus 2 Music

Kissing Booth Jelly Roll from Fat Quarter Shop

Secret of the Wings Disney Fairy Movie (celebrating sisterhood)

Two $25 Vouchers to Camera Coats

Camera Strap Slipcover from Knitty Bitties

3 Jewelry Items from Hoopla

Fabrics A to Z Book by Dana from MADE, from me :)

$50 Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils

Two 8x10 Frames of Your Choice from Cut It Out

DoTerra Essential Oils Kit (3 oils)

1 Roll of Vinyl from Silhouette

Now its time for our link party!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Halloween Decor + Silhouette Vinyl GIVEAWAY

Halloween is almost here and I can hardly wait! I am sharing all my Halloween decorations with you today.... including a sneaky trick to switch from Halloween to Christmas in less than 5 seconds!

Have you ever noticed that there are the same amount of letters in the words "Happy Halloween" and "Merry Christmas?"
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Welp, call me Eintsein. It is true! I made some festive blocks for Halloween, and all you do is flip them over and decorate them for Christmas on the back side. Kinda nifty, especially if you go straight from your Halloween decorations to your Christmas decorations!

See? Here they are for Halloween...

... and with a quick flip, they are instantly Christmas decor! (I haven't finished decorating the Christmas side yet, but you get the idea)!

Here's how I made them:
1. I started at Home Depot... I bought some wood and had the guys cut it. I got 5 large blocks and 9 small blocks, (sized 9x5 and 4x3 inches, respectively).
2. Brought them home and gave them a light sand.
3. They each got a coat of black acrylic paint from Deco Art.
4. I sanded them again to rough them up a little. I did not stain them, but you certainly could at this point.
5. Then I cut the letters "Happy Halloween" and "Merry Christmas" using this vinyl, and my Silhouette machine.
6. Last, I mod podged scrapbook paper onto the large blocks, applied the vinyl stickers, and added a few ribbon and paper medallion decorations.

Here's a peek at the other Halloween decorations in our house this year. I made the printable in the frame below, and you can download it free, here!

So do you want a Silhouette vinyl giveaway + some other discount bundles?
I am so excited to be working with Silhouette to bring you the very last giveaway in my blogiversary bash! Before we get to the giveaway, here are a bunch of bundles that they are offering at discounted prices this month. It took me a couple of years to save up for a Silhouette, and I can say I really love it! I am still learning how to use it... and this was a really easy project to do! I have had a great experience with their vinyl and all products!
To order any of these bundles, see Silhouette Bundles, and enter promo code: EVERAFTER
This offer is valid until Oct, 31, 2012.

Again, to order any of the above deals, visit here.
Use this code at checkout: EVERAFTER


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All Blog Bash giveaways are still open until Oct. 30, and the winners will be announced on Halloween! You can find a link to each giveaway on the left sidebar.
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