Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{Tutorial} DIY Birthday Banner

I'm breaking up the birthday party into a few posts to make it a little more user friendly. Check out the whole party HERE.

Did you know you can make really cute banners, even without a fnacy cutting machine? Here's how I did mine!
I printed one very large letter on a piece of computer paper. I enlarged the font as high as it would go. I'm obsessed with the font, My Own Topher. It's a free download if you google it. Then I cut the letter off the computer paper, and placed it on the pink paper for the banner.
I cut all my letters out in this manner. (It was more time consuming than using a Silhouette, but I didn't have the energy to figure it out)! I also cut out some triangles, and made some paper fan medallions.
Then I took an ink pad to the edges of the letters and triangles, to give it a little more dimension.
I hot glued everything together, hole punched the triangles, and tied them together with tulle.


  1. Darling banner! I made a quick one for a rehearsal dinner I was helping last week and wish I had had time to make cut out letters like yours so they would have shown up better. Ended up just stenciling on letters.


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