Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Picture Me Domestic: Self Portraits {Link Contest}!!!

Here we go, taking over the internet one self-portrait at a time. We're so excited you stopped by! And thanks to The Letter 4 and It's Overflowing for co-hosting this with me! We hope you have fun!
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What do you spend your days doing? What do you look like in your home element? We all spend different amounts of time at home, but at some point in the day, we are home. The point of this contest is to challenge yourself to take some fun/creative/interesting pictures of yourself doing what you do best. Or most. Or worst. LOL. We just really want to see you having fun, while attending to your life and daily tasks. So again, your challenge is:

take a self portrait somewhere at home. 
 We want to "picture you domestic!"

1. You can't take yourself too seriously. What you are doing is totally ridiculous and you know it! This is just an opportunity to add a little creativity and excitement to your day.
2. Capture yourself somewhere in your home(inside or outside).
3. Be creative. Use as many different angles, reflections, scenarios as you can. Hopefully your camera has a self timer because they have to be taken by you, starring you.
4. You are not being judged on the quality of your pictures. They aren't required to be technically sound and perfectly edited, although that cannot hurt! We really want to see your creativity.
5. Absolutely NO graphic or inappropriate pictures. Do NOT enter a picture of you in your undies, or doing something questionable, scary, or frightfully weird! Anything that is not family-friendly (something appropriate for children to see), will be removed! The definition of "inappropriate" is up the the hosts of this contest.
6. You can enter by linking up at the party via your blog, facebook, google+, flickr, and INSTAGRAM!!!
use hashtag #picturemedomestic
7. If you have a blog, please include our cute "Picture Me Domestic" button on your post or sidebar!
8. Please choose a way to follow each host and our sponsor.
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We are SO excited about the prizes, provided by Pick Your Plum.
1st Place- $75 Plum Box
2nd Place- $50 Plum Box
3rd Place- $25 Plum box
 A Plum box is kind of like receiving an exciting grab bag filled with crafty/pretty swag in the mail. Could it be twine, vinyl, jewelry, scarves, kid's accessories? Every box is different, so its a surprise! 
The hosts, Rachel, Jamie, and Aimee, are also the judges of this contest! Prizes can only be shipped to a U.S. address.

Next Wednesday we will post our self portraits, and include the link party again. It's open for 2 weeks! The winners will be announced on May 30. But keep in mind, this contest is not about winning. It's about challenging your creativity, and adding a little spark to your day. 

Click to see last year's contest reveals!

Here's how to link up:
 You just need to copy the URL from where your picture is located (blogs, fb, instagram, etc are welcome)! Then you'll click the blue "Add your link " button below, and follow the prompts. You'll paste your URL, then title your picture, and choose a thumbnail.
***If you link up from social media such as twitter, instagram, fb and pinterest, please add hashtag #picturemeselfportrait to your post.

{Please follow our blogs (The Letter 4, It's Overflowing, Family Ever After), and read through all the rules above before you link}!

*This is not a craft link party, or a What I Wore party. Just self portraits. Please read before linking!

Love~ Jamie, Aimee and Rachel


  1. This is so fun! I guess I need to figure out the self timer on my camera...hah!

  2. So fun :) I'm SO GLAD you did this contest because I've been wanting to try something for a long time and this finally gave me the push to do it :)


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