Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Picture Me Domestic} My Sewing Self Portraits

Yesterday while I was sewing a skirt, I got a little carried away...
And here's what happened!

*for a split second I almost considered chopping off my hair with a rotary cutter. haha, that would be a disaster!

Want to play along? There is one week left!
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Check out my friend's self portraits! 
The Letter 4, It's Overflowing, and Delia Creates (she has a post full of great tips for taking self-portraits)!

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  1. You are too cute! I need to get mine off my camera and do a post.

  2. You are such a beauty! I love the one where it looks like you're about to rotary cut your hair! :) I'll link about this on my blog!

  3. These are cute. I just got my camera a few weeks ago and have no idea how to use the self-timer lol I seriously need to pull out the manual!

  4. All linked up! Thank you so much for the fun contest! : )

  5. Great pics! I especially loved the scissors and the mommy/toddler photos.

  6. Hey Rachel, I was viewing your nursing shawl tutorial and since I'm not so crafty with sewing the directions are over my head ;P I would like to have one of those all around nursing shawls though because I absolutely LOVE the idea that it goes all around you. Could you message me back on my blog or in email (sisi.loves.joe@gmail) and let me know if you could make one for me and how much it would cost. Will be having my baby in the beginning of September and I don't currently have a nursing cover. Thanks so much! Your blog is awesome by the way :D

  7. Love your Photos!! Super cute!! haha! Can I just tell you this Contest is so awesome!?! What a great idea ladies! Thanks so much for adding some FUN into my week!!

  8. oops..i wrote my name where i should have titled the picture!

  9. Adorable pictures, but where is the picture of the skirt?? :-) We need to see the final product!

  10. Love these pictures Rachel!! So cute. What a fun idea, too!

  11. these are so fun! I love the one with your little one on your lap;)

  12. You are too cute! Your photos are very fun and they capture where your imagination was going at the time. Of all the entries so far, I really like #52.

  13. Love these photos!! So cute!!

    Stopping by from the Tip Junkie!!
    @a content housewife

  14. You've got a great sense of humor! Great photos. Stopping by from Tip Junkie - I'm the posts after you and I'm your newest follower!

  15. Look at your huge lists of linky parties!! :) You should add my "Sharing Time" party! It's on Sundays:


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