Friday, April 20, 2012

Sew-vivor: Top 4 Contestants Announced

As reality shows go, we had a surprise twist with choosing our final contestants for this round. Instead of only choosing one contestant to get immunity, our guest judge was given a certain amount of points to award to her top 3 favorites. Before we get to the results, I'd like to introduce you to our guest judge, Katy from No Big Dill.
Katy's blog is one of my very favorite sewing blogs. She has a knack for sewing and creativity unlike any other blog I've seen. In her words, "I started sewing as far back as I can remember, with a needle and thread in my hands.  I always wanted to go to design school, but designed some pretty fantastic kids instead.  Mrs. Price was my sewing teacher in High School who really gave me some great skills to start with and that's when I really fell in love with my sewing machine and it became a passion."

One of my favorite things she's made is this dress:

The theme for this week was to "Sew for Charity." The contestants were free to take this as far as they wanted. They each interpreted this special challenge differently. It was touching to see what they created to share with others.

Here are the results:

  CONTESTANT #1: Miranda from One Little Minute

CONTESTANT #4: Jen from I Can't Stop Crafting

 CONTESTANT #5: Jessica from Swenson Love

CONTESTANT #6: Kirstin from Kojo Designs

It was really, really hard to say goodbye to these ladies, who worked so hard, and had amazing, amazing projects. Thank you Shannon and Renee for sharing your hard work and talent on Sew-vivor.

CONTESTANT #2: Shannon from Googiemomma

CONTESTANT #3: Renee from Hill Yeah

 So here's how all the details played out.

Katy had 75, 50, and 25 points to award to her favorite top 3. Those points were then added to the score of the poll results. Here are the 3 projects she awarded points to:
Jessica: 75
Renee: 50
Shannon: 25
with Kirstin getting immunity
So that means the final poll results are:
Miranda: 285
Shannon: 149+25= 174
Renee: 224+50= 274
Jen: 289
Jessica: 266+75=341
Kirstin: 281

Stay tuned for next week, the last round of competition.
Our contestants will be creating anything of their choice, as long as it involves pleats!

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  1. I've really appreciated following along to sewvivor. I just really feel like I have to pipe up about something I really take strong issue with this week. I think it's really very admirable that you dedicated this week to be a charitable creation. I'm astonished that the winner's creation was not a charitable project. Seriously, since when does creating an outfit for your fashionista sister (pregnant or not) qualify as charity? That is not charity; it's called being a nice sister. All of the other projects were devoted to helping people--sick kids for the most part. That's charity. Making an outfit for your sister so she feels less fat when she's pregnant? NOT charity.

    It seems this contest is merely a popularity contest of who has a larger blog following.

  2. I'd have to agree about it just being a popularity contest and not really a sewing contest. Seems like the winner is just who can get the most facebook friends to vote for them, rather than who can sew the best item.

  3. I have to agree with the above comments. I LOVED the projects for the kids. As a parent of a terminally ill child who is about to turn one and already endured two heart surgeries and two caths, with more on the way, I know those monsters and stuffed animals are powerful things. Not just for the kids in the hospital, but for their siblings. My 4 year old's world has completely changed since his sister was born. It is amazing when he is also given things at the hospital and RMH.

    The doll that was created to teach the siblings about their sisters condition was AMAZING! We bought a bummer bear and have talked with my son about madison's special heart, where her "zipper" is, etc. We will use it with her as she gets older and has to have more surgeries.

    Anyway, love the two projects that were sent home (and many that were not :) ) .

  4. I understand the above comments. In fact, I am an RN and totally agree with how awesome the projects are that will benefit hospitalized and ill children. The contestants all did a great job choosing recipients who they care a lot about. I also chose a recipient who I care a lot about.

    The challenge this week was not to sew for "A" charity, but to sew for charity, which Rachel clearly defined as for "...a friend, a neighbor, a family member..." I chose to sew for a family member.

    It was really fun and meaningful for me to create something for someone I love dearly within my own circle of influence. I was happy to get to see the direct impact of excitement and appreciation that my project brought to my sister. She loved it, and I loved using my sewing talent to create something wonderful for someone besides myself. I believe that was the purpose of this challenge.

    I sewed the two maternity pieces, of knit and silk, without commercial patterns, based on measurements, from 2000 miles away. I believe that exhibits my sewing skill.

    I am enjoying the challenge of this competition, and am excited to have made it this far!

    xo Miranda

    Just one more note: I did not "win" this round. I placed second in the voting, and third after the guest judge awarded additional points. My project is listed as #1 because I happened to be the first contestant to submit it this week.

  5. The challenge was to make something for someone else. It did not need to be made for a charitable organization. I think that all the entries met the requirements of the challenge including Miranda's outfit for her sister. I'm impressed with the talent of all the entries.

  6. I hate to be snooty, as I believe ALL of the contestants have a lot of talent (and I truly mean that), but I have to agree with the first few comments here. Erin's sentiments were the same exact thing I was feeling when I first saw the projects - which is why I voted for the Peyton Dolly.
    I think the "popularity contest" vibe is why most crafting and sewing competitions online make their entries and voting anonymous.

  7. I wasn't going to say anything, but I agreed totally with the first few comments..which is why I don't believe the voting is quite "fair", somehow, something just isn't right!?! To see the monsters voted off really annoyed me. They were exactly what this competition is about. They were beautiful, and NO I don't know the blogger. I don't blog myself but I love to read them all, also enjoy the competitions. But after this one, I can see that fairness just is not there, maybe It's how many friends you have or how much access you have to computers. I do agree, the contestants were all very talented, but a simple maternity top and leggings, what?

  8. Ok everyone... I was out of town over the weekend, but now I'm home, and its time to address the comments!

    First of all, I want people to always feel that this is a place where you can say what you feel and speak your mind, which you have :)

    As far as this being a popularity contest... that is exactly what I have tried to avoid from the very beginning. I don't like popularity contests either! In the beginning of the contest, I emailed the Top 10 contestants to ask if they would like to make it anonymous, but across the board, they voted NO. So the way the projects are revealed was up to them.

    As far as voting, this is the first competition I've ever run, so I have learned a few things over the last few weeks. I feel the need to change the voting system so that the public vote won't be the only factor in determining the next round of winners. Voting for the final round will be different. In addition to the public vote, the guest judge's picks will account for a certain percentage, as well as having the contestants vote for each other. You will get more info tomorrow.

    Next year when I organize Sew-vivor, I will manage the voting in this manner. The voting will be more fair, and the guest judges will have more say, based on the sewing projects. In my opinion, I don't feel that the voting has reflected who has the biggest blog. I do however think that the poll has been a little "off" at times.

    And last, to address the theme, "Sew Something for Charity..." I have to say that each contestant absolutely followed the rules. I defined it as something to be sewn for someone else, including a charity, a friend, a neighbor or a family member. Each contestant interpreted that in her own way, and each contestant met the requirements. Now, if there was a certain project that wasn't your favorite, that is up to you, and I hoped you voted for your favorite project and its cause. But as your host, I do have to say that each each contestant was in line with the challenge, and there really is nothing to complain about.

    Please keep in mind: I am doing everything I can to make Sew-vivor fair, not a popularity contest, and meaningful. Please do not just assume that its just a popularity contest. I am trying very hard to work out the kinks and have it set up the right way. This is all very important to me!

    I appreciate the Top 10 contestants who were the guinea pigs this season. I have learned a lot about how to run a contest. There is a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff going on than you might think! I hope next year to implement the things I've learned to make it better!

    Thank you to everyone who comes by to vote, and for following along this season.

  9. I totally agree about the monters being totally great, but disagree with the idea that sewing maternity clothes is simple. That outfit is cute, fits well, and she made it without a pattern (if you read her description at all). That's not beginning sewing. Just saying.

  10. It's too bad anonymous comments have to be left bad mouthing contestants. I can only imagine HOW MUCH hard work all the contestants have to done each week just to even complete their pieces on time. They shouldn't have to read about how they should or shouldn't have won... after the fact. Some of the comments are really just plain mean. It's too bad people feel the need to do that. Someone's VOTE is their opinion, and the comment board should only be open to say something nice, I believe.


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