Friday, March 9, 2012

{Think Outside the Blog} Southern Lovely

I'm heading up a series today on one of my best friend's blog, Ashley from Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night. She recently lost a loved one, so I've asked a few of her favorite bloggers to join me in supporting her while she takes some time off. Over the next couple weeks, you can pop on over to her blog and check in with some of the internet's most adored bloggers, and find out what makes them think outside the blog. We love you Ashley, and send you all our love!

Today's guest is Lindsay from Southern Lovely!!!
Click {here} to read!


  1. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that your "click here to read" link isn't working (at least not for me) it takes me to a search engine site.


  2. oops, i typed frafter istead of crafter! thanks!

  3. Thanks Rach! You are such a good friend to do this for Ashley.

  4. What an incredibly thoughtful and kind way to support Ashley right now--just love it! and you!

  5. This is wonderful.. LOVE what you are doing.. Will certainly stop in.. Incredibly thoughtful and loving..


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