Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sew-vivor: Link Up Your Entry!

Welcome to Sew-vivor (a sewing competition which is a spin-off of the show Survivor)! This is the post where you can enter your SEWING project!


Here's a recap with the timeline, buttons, judges, prizes, rules, and weekly themes.
Check back every Wednesday through April for lots of Sew-vivor fun....
including 7 amazing giveaways!!!


February 1-29: Auditions accepted all month
Feb 8: Giveaway (from Fashionable Fabrics)
Feb 15: Giveaway (from Contemporary Cloth)
Feb 22: Giveaway (from Stitch Stash Diva)
Feb 29: Giveaway (from Modern Fabric Studio)

March 7: Top 10 Contestants announced + honorable mention features +
4 "Immunity" Guest Judges announced
March 14: Giveaway (from Fabric Envy)
March 21: Giveaway (from The Ribbon Retreat)
March 28: Giveaway (from Raspberry Creek Fabrics)

April 4: 1st Round of Competition
April 6: Top 8 announced
April 11: 2nd Round of Competition
April 13: Top 5 announced
April 18: 3rd Round of Competition
April 20: Top 3 announced
April 25: 4th and Final Round of Competition
April 27: Winners announced!

These buttons were created by my crazy talented friend Jamie, from The Letter 4 blog!

If you don't plan to enter, we'd still love to have you participate by following along and voting (you can even grab a "participating on Sew-vivor button)!"

Say hello to these amazing, talented ladies who will choose the Top 10 contestants to advance in April. It's such an honor to have them as the judges!

A great big thank you goes out to these amazing sponsors! They have all contributed generously! Each company listed here has been a dream to work with. Click on their button to visit their shops and show them some love! (Many of these companies will offer a discount code to their online shops at the end of Sew-vivor on April 27).

The total amount of prizes on the line comes to nearly $900!

1st Place: 

2nd Place:

3rd Place:
Ridiculously amazing prizes, right?

(Please read entirely, as a few rules have changed).

--Enter ONE sewing project, new or old. It must be made by YOU. It does not have have to be your original idea or tutorial, and it doesn't matter if it was made with or without a pattern. Machine and handsewing count. Crocheting and knitting do not. Be sure it is a representation of you, your sewing skills, and your creativity!

--Entries will be accepted in the form of a link party, (see here for an example of a link party), and end on Wed February 29 at midnight EST.

--You can link your entry from your Blog or from your Flickr account. You may include multiple pictures in your post or your Flickr page, but you can only choose one photo to display on this blog in the entry below. So choose your best picture!
(No entries are allowed from facebook or google+ or anywhere else. Those entries are disqualified).

--The Top 10 will be chosen by the Sew-vivor judges, and will advance to compete in the four weeks of competition in April. (Judges will email me their Top 15 picks, and I will tally up and average everything to choose the Top 10). 

--Big Tip: Take the very best pictures of your projects that you can! Besides your sewing skills and creativity, presentation will play a big role in a competition like this! 

--I really hate to say this, but you must be a US citizen (or at least have a US shipping address) to enter. This is because the prize sponsors are only able to ship to a US address. Thanks for understanding! 

--If you have a blog, please post a Sew-vivor button on your sidebar! 

--To enter, you must be a follower of Family Ever After via Facebook and RSS or GFC.

(Please read entirely, as a few rules have changed).
--Projects will be revealed on Wednesday mornings 6am EST. Voting will be open on Wednesdays only from 6am-midnight EST. The "audience" (readers) will vote by poll. Advancing contestants will be notified via email on Wednesday night, and announced on Friday mornings 6am EST.

--This means that contestants.... you will need to email me a picture of your project by 6pm Tuesday night. I will email you on Wednesday at midnight to let you know who advances to the next week. You'll have until the following Tuesday night at 6pm to email your next project to me. So that gives you 6 days to work on your project!

--Slight change: Previously I said that projects would be unveiled anonymously. Just kidding. Projects will not be anonymous, and will be linked up to that person's blog or Flickr page on the Wednesday they are revealed.

--Every week, there will be a guest judge who chooses her favorite project to get "immunity." (It's like that on Survivor)! That means that even if that project receives the lowest number of votes, they cannot be voted off. 

--Elimination Process: 
Week 1- Top 10 
Week 2- Top 8
Week 3- Top 5
Week 4- Top 3


(Remember, to enter the contest in February, you can enter anything you've ever sewn before, or you can make something special just to enter. Anything goes, as long as its been made by you).  

--The following weekly challenges are only for the Top 10 who are chosen to compete in the actual competition in April. Nobody really needs to worry about these weekly themes quite yet, but I wanted to put them out there so you would know what the competition will entail so you can decide if this contest is right for you or not. 

--Of course, if you think that you've got a good chance of making it into the Top 10, you are welcome to go ahead and get a head start working on projects for the following themes for the 4 weeks of competition challenges at your own risk! I am not responsible if you make a project but do not make it to the Top 10! All projects submitted for the 4 weeks of competition cannot have been made any sooner than January 19, 2012. Do not reveal them on your blog/flickr/facebook until they are revealed on Sew-vivor.

***The tutorial that you're going to use as your inspiration must be a sewing tutorial from the judge herself, or an all-out guest post by someone else, found on the judge's blog. It can't be a feature or a shout out, it must be a full tutorial. Remember to bookmark the link, as you need to cite your source, and I'll be mentioning the link! Please email if you have any further questions!

--Contestants: You may use patterns and online tutorials for your projects. When you post your projects on your blog or flickr, you'll need to cite your sources. If you create your own pattern, we'd love to see a tutorial in pictures!

I just wanted to say thank you to my family (Tasha, Levi, sisters, mom), friends (Ashley, Meredith), and husband for all letting me bounce ideas around and for their opinions on getting Sew-vivor all set up!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments! I'll answer them there, so everyone can read my responses.

Did you read ALL the rules outlined above?

You must be a follower of Family Ever After before you enter.
Please follow via~
1. Facebook (where you'll receive "behind the scenes" info)
2.  RSS (follow the easy prompts), or
GFC (go to the right side bar, click where is says Join this Site),
or you can do both!

To link your entry:
Copy the URL address of your picture/post from your FLICKR or BLOG. (No facebook or Google+). Then come here, click on "Add your link," paste it, title it, and leave your email. You'll be taken to a page to choose the picture you'd like represented. Click "select," and then you're done. ONLY ENTER ONE PROJECT!

Top 10 will be announced on March 7 at 6am EST.

Now the question is....
Can you Sew-vive?


  1. I'm giving this fun competition some FB love today! Thanks for hosting such a great challenge!

    @ Creatively Living

  2. Just found you through Zipit and can't wait to participate. I just added your button to my blog. Now to find a project I can link up ;)

  3. Crap, I'm in Canada.
    This is the second time today that I can't enter a contest because of where I live :(

    I'll make sure to see what people come up with though !

  4. I'm so excited for this competition! It's going to be fabulous. I'm so honored (and a little intimidated) to be included in such an amazing group of women as judges!


  5. Rach, this looks great! Your weekly challenges are fantastic, and I love ALL of your judges. :)
    What a fun competition. :)

  6. This is SO exciting! I love all the judges, and I really want to participate. Still nervous to enter, though.

  7. This is going to be so much fun! Just gave a shout out on my fan page on Facebook.

  8. This is going to be FUN! Love this idea (especially since I love sewing & survivor!) The challenges are so inspired I may still do them even if I'm not picked! :)

  9. How exciting! I linked up my Fabric Coaster Tutorial! Thanks for a chance at winning!


  11. WOW! I have joined, added your blog button, following you forever and ever and ever..... and blogged you. Kxxx

  12. So happy the competition is open to international participants now. This is going to be loads of fun!

  13. Woohoo!! So happy I can enter now (Canadian :)). Now I just have to brainstorm something special to whip up!

  14. did you know ashley's picture button has a bad link in it? It's ,com instead of .com so doesn't work :)

  15. just double checking..the deadline to submit our project is february 29th, correct?

  16. I don't have a blog, but my item was featured on someone else's blog. Can I link to that or do I need to link from Flickr? I'm very new to this- if I use Flickr, do I need to have the setting public?

    Another help! I can't see where to vote.

    Thank you!

  17. Donna.... great questions!!!

    If you don't have a blog, then yes, you'll have to use a public Flickr account to link a project.

    Voting doesn't begin until April, when the Top 10 are competing. Right now, I'm accepting entries until the end of Feb, and then the judges will choose the Top 10 to compete in April.

  18. Samantha- thanks for letting me know about Ashely's link. I fixed it!

  19. Kristina, yes the deadline is Feb. 29 midnight EST, to enter your project!

  20. My entry is almost ready to be sent but I am a little confused: you said that the entries need to be in by the end of February right? But then you said they need to be in by Tuesday night. Is the Tuesday deadline just for entries AFTER the top ten have been chosen? If so, is there an advantage to entering earlier in the contest? Only the judges vote on the first round right?

  21. Goodness this sounds like so much fun that I just couldn't resist joining! My project is from last year - there are so many great projects linked up already- amazing how talented all these ladies are- Well getting picked or not this is going to be fun to see all the creativeness that flows from this challenge!!

    bee blessed

  22. Julie- auditions for Sew-vivor are all of Feb. You don't need to worry about getting anything to me by a Tuesday night unless you're in the Top 10. That's when projects will be due. :) So yes, only the judges are voting at this point. Good questions!!!

  23. Creations on a WhimsyTuesday, February 07, 2012

    WooHoo! This is a terrific idea, no matter who wins. :) Thank you.

  24. This is such a GREAT idea Rachel! I love looking at all of the entries; what mad sewing skills!!! It's so fun looking at everyone's "heart" through their showcased projects:) Thanks for hosting Sew-vivor!

  25. I am all linked up and number 103. I hope it did it alright.

  26. My entry is #114, the Garden Party Dress. I believe I've done everything correctly except I am subscribed via email. Whenever I'd try RSS, I'd get an error message saying the path was invalid. Hope email is ok!


  27. Already so many awesome projects! I just added mine... hopeful and nervous! Thanks so much for hosting!

  28. I don't know if I can wait 'til March 7th!!!! There are so many awesome entries. I keep coming back everyday to check out the latest ones. They're all so great!

  29. Can't wait to see who makes it into the contest! March seems so far away! Haha. :)

  30. So nervous about this contest! Would love to really come up with even more fantastical things! When I signed up, I used my flickr page but I wanted to add that I just started a new blog and will be posting pics on both!

    crossing my fingers!

  31. I am also very excited about this contest. I have just recently discovered all the fun sewing blogs out there (my mother has been sending me links) and I want to play too! I linked my entry earlier but I noticed that everyone had titled their sewn item, so I deleated and reposted with a title. (#134)

  32. I swear I have checked the entries every day...I LOVE seeing all this crazy talent!!! I just need to get motivated and enter something myself, hahaha! I have NO idea how you are going to get this down to 10 contestants; good luck:)

  33. Hey Rach! Just wanted to let you know that I entered - am loving seeing all of the great designs and entries. I am following you on GFC and following you on FB through my blog, Pixie Pattern and Sewing.

  34. We'll call this an optimistic forward thinking question :). For the first challenge, you say any tutorial on the author's blog. Specifically for Ucreate - does the tute have to be on the blog? They do lots of features as well - are those features included?

  35. Do you have to post a button if you want to participate? I can't seem to figure out how...

  36. I came back to this page about 80 times this month... finally decided to quit being a chicken and enter. It's been fun to see so many great projects and discover new blogs!

  37. Just linked up in the nick of time...I am so excited to follow this competition!!

  38. This competition is great! Winning doesn't matter, it is so much fun seeing the other contestants and sharing ideas! everybody has done a really good job, wishing good luck to all of them! :o)

  39. I'm so bummed, I just came to link up and missed it by 9 hours!!!! I will just have to watch...but that will be fun,too ;)


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