Thursday, January 19, 2012

{Things On My Heart} sisters

There's something new starting around here on Thursdays, called "Things On My Heart." I decided amongst my recipes, sewing, crafts, etc there was something missing.
A little more writing... from my heart. 

and so we begin.

dear sisters,
i miss you with every fiber of my being, with all my heart i miss you.
can you believe we were all together just a few weeks ago?
and now we're far apart again.
except we'll never really be that far apart.
because sisters are friends forever.
i just watched "Little Women" with reese, and cried my eyes out when beth died.
jo says that a being a sister is a stronger relationship than a marriage.
do you agree? i'm sure you don't, nor do i....
 but it is quite a privilege to have sisters like you.

dear kate,
thank you for taking care of my kids when i was sick.
thank you for teaching me by your example
how to feed them better, and not to be such a softie when they ask for sweets.
i had fun making bows with you.
please come visit so we can watch house hunters together.
have you entered to win the HGTV dream home every day since i saw you??
thank you for the diy frame, it's hanging in my bathroom with my bows on it. 

dear jesse,
it was fun breaking into people's homes with you.
and eating quiche off the floor.
and sampling your bran muffins.
i miss your squishy son.
since when did you start going to bed so early?
i think you're an amazing person.
how are your new boots holding up?
thank you for reading "little women" with reese.
i bet you didn't know i took a picture of your sign on the washing machine.

dear hannah,
you are the cutest new mommy.
thank you for letting us play your hannahbananagrams game.
it was fun.
even though some people in our family make up words.
you're a pedant, by the way.
something i loved- watching you make jewlery!
i had a blast taking pictures of your cute family.
i think this is my favorite.

dear emily,
i love that when i'm with you i feel 10 years younger.
i've had a new zeland accent stuck in my head for days!
remember the deer poop and animal bones from our hike?
thanks for having a sleepover with our kids, they love their auntie em.
i loved hearing you jam on the ukelele. 
and we loved being serenaded by you and adante.

 ps- emmy, ummmm, how many photo shoots did we take together? hahahaha, we're big dorks!

 dear mom and dad,
thank you for flying us home to south dakota
from all across the country
so we could be together.
when we're all there, its like we never grew up.
well, sometimes.
thank you for giving us all
a chance to be sisters.
we love you!


  1. That's so sweet. I love sisters.

    I have 4 sisters, too. I talked about it (just a bit) in my post yesterday.

  2. So sweet...I look forward to hearing more of from the thoughts of your heart. I love your sister too!

  3. Loved reading about your sisters. I can only imagine the love of a sister.

  4. Oh my heck- this seriously almost made me cry. I can just feel the special bond between all you sisters and it's so incredible. You are all gorgeous and I am so happy that I came across your blog for the chance to get to know you!!
    Such a great post!

  5. P.S. Are you going to SNAP? I just saw the button in your sidebar! We are totally going!

  6. Sisters are the best. I'm so happy my girls will know the bond sisters have! Mine are my best friends!

  7. That was beautiful. I'm a new subscriber to your blog. Love this new feature!

  8. AWWWW! Sisters are the best :)

  9. I loved that - thanl you! You and your sisters are beautiful!

  10. What would the world do without sisters? And how lucky you are to have so many. You are all beautiful :)

    xo Shane

  11. Oh Rachel!! This really brought tears to my eyes. I miss you so much. Thank you for writing this. It has brightened my day and is bringing so many wonderful memories to the forefront of my mind (even if you did call me a pedant!) Love you rachie :)

  12. This was such a sweet post!!! Made me totally miss my 3 sisters!!!

  13. How sweet! I love it! I'm so blessed to get to blog with my sisters and my mom! I love it!

  14. What an incredibly sweet post! Sisters are the best!

  15. I can't imagine my life without my sisters. I am so glad to have 3 daughters of my own and to watch them as sisters.

    You are a beautiful group. Thanks for sharing!

    ~Courtenay @ThreeSisterz

  16. Sweet Post Rach!!! I'm one of 4 girls ~ sisters are such a BLESSING!!!
    XO, Aimee

  17. I have 4 girls and this just makes my heart smile!

    You all look adorable!
    Beautiful family!

  18. What a great post, and what awesome blessings you have in your life!

  19. so sweet!! My blog was written for my sister and future sister in law and I write them letters every week! Family is such a blessing!

  20. this is so sweet. i know you so enjoyed your time together!

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    XO, Aimee


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