Wednesday, November 16, 2011

random act of kindness.

Back in September, I participated in a contest called "Do Something Crafty." You might recall the rollie pollie I made. There were 3 other awesome projects, one being a cool vase entered by Heidi from Sew.Craft.Create. 

She won the contest, a well deserved win! I came in 2nd place, losing by 1 vote. I was shocked when I learned that she wanted to share half of the prize with me. She wanted me to have this Ott Lite

I am totally flattered. I wanted to be sure and give her a blog shout out for doing such a sweet thing for me.
Thank you so much Heidi for your sacrifice and kindness. You are a real team player!

(this was my late night bright idea-- cutting and freezing red bell peppers that i found on sale).

Nikki, at Everything Under the Moon, is doing a series this week on Random Acts of Kindness. I thought it would be fun to participate... only I would feel silly sharing something I did, so instead I'm sharing what a fellow blogger did for me!


  1. This is awesome! What a great little thing to be apart of!

  2. Wow, that was really nice of her!!!

  3. That is SO sweet!!! I always love hearing about the nice things that people do, its a nice reminder that there are still good people out there :)

  4. Thanks! but you totally deserved to win too! one vote!! that was way too close for me to claim the whole prize to myself! :)

    Happy Holidays!


  5. I love bloggers...they are really some of the best people around!!

  6. That was so sweet of her!! That is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this and participating in RAOK week. Have a great holiday!!

  7. That was so nice of her to share the prize! What a gal! :)


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