Saturday, November 12, 2011

Creating with my Kids... My Computer Time

When I blog, I usually stay up late one night a week working on my posts, and pre-scheduling them to publish throughout the week. I wake up early to answer emails, edit pictures, and other various tasks. I try really hard not to let my blog consume me during the regular hours and routines of the day. But there are times that I pop online during the daytime, and like everything else, I try to find a way to include my kids. 

One of their favorite things to do is browse pinterest with me. We have found several fun activities and recipes to try together via some fun pins.

They also love to browse through the links found on my weekend link party. Today, they found a paper plate turkey activity from my link party and went to work, making about 5 turkeys!

Another thing we do, is to let them sit on my lap whenever they want if I'm using the computer. I want them to be able to see what I'm doing and ask questions. Sometimes, I'll ask them the questions! I have them identify letters on the keyboard or shapes and colors on the monitor.

There are so many ways to involve children in your every day routines. Sometimes it takes a little thinking outside of the box to realize that it doesn't have to be hard or unnatural. My motto is that my kids can do practically anything I can do, sometimes on a smaller scale. There is nothing more important to me that shaping their precious minds and teaching them good habits.

What are some ways you balance computer time, chores, errands, etc. while involving your children?

-Rach H


  1. I usually blog late at night, but I am fortunate b/c my boys go to bed at 7. The tradeoff: they NEVER nap. Ever.

    Rather than watch tv {which is so rare for me now}, I blog and read blogs and create.

    My 2 year old loves Pinterest! lol...

    I'd love if you could share this idea at my Creative Juice Party , but I know a lot of us mamas struggle with this balance...

  2. such a great idea.. Ill have to see if my little one likes pinterest as much as I do :)

  3. I guess you could never surf Pinterest under the Everything button with your kids around...there is some funky stuff on there! I love that you involve your kids and ask them questions and create learning opportunities. I would love for you to come link up at our link

  4. This post is great!! I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm a new follower!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  5. My daughter is a bit younger, but I try to only blog when she is napping, or when she is playing straight away in the morning. Then we go outside and work on other projects.:)
    I love the way you ask your kids questions. That's a fantastic idea.


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