Saturday, October 1, 2011

what we're doing for gerneral conference this year.

Hi! So today is one of my favorite days of the whole year. It's like a holiday to me. It's the semi-annual general conference broadcast from our church leaders in Salt Lake City, UT. We get to watch it at home via internet, and it is such a spiritual uplift to my soul. Today's messages have inspired me so much to prioritize my time in a way that will help me reach my goals. Not that I'm terrible, but there's always room to improve. 
My favorite quote from today's meeting was, "In family relationships, Love is really spelled, Time."

In planning out our day, I wanted to come up with a few activities that would be fun and engaging for the kids, but not distracting to me. I'm telling you what we did just in case anyone out there is looking for ideas of things to do with their kids. The last activity could be adapted to other activities also. When we watch general conference, I just want to be able to sit and listen without being up and busying myself and doing too much for the kids. So I found these paper doll apostles on a fun website, which can be such a resource of fun ideas and handouts that are church-related. Coloring these has kept the kids nice and busy. 
(Link to this activity is found at the bottom of this post).

Aren't they adorable? If you're familiar with the current 12 Apostles of our church, you will appreciate the attention to detail in the faces of these men. So fun.

The other easy game we're doing is when each apostle gives a talk, the kids get to find their picture and eat or do the corresponding activity. In our case, I chose things that are simple and wouldn't require me to deviate from listening to the conference (too much).
Here are 12 things for the kids to do at the table while we watch conference:

1. cookies
2. writing a letter to the kid's uncle, who is serving a mission in Mexico
3. conference bingo
4. crackers
5. Jesus puzzle
6. painting a fairy statue
7. applesauce
8. carrot sticks
9. a cup of hot cocoa
10. pudding
11. chocolate covered raisins
12. paper dolls

Here's the link to the Apostle paper dolls: The packet they come in is really long, but I just wanted the dolls, so I printed pages 19-21.

Here's the link to the apostle pictures for the game we played.

And here's a link to the conference bingo.

Here's a link to what what I talked about last conference!
Our other traditions are cinnamon rolls, finger food, and building a fort. :)


  1. Aw, you are such a cute mom! We are really enjoying our conference weekend as well! I made these little baskets for my kids this morning with conference activities. I love this weekend, it is definitely one of my favorites.

  2. GIRL, you ROCK! I love love love the apostle paper dolls. And all those activities? You are amazing. Umm....there may not be a lot of chocolate raisins because I ate a TON of them :)

  3. Love these paper dolls! You are such a fun mommy! Enjoys conference tomorrow!


  4. Holy cow that is AWESOME! Can I be you?? Or can you just live at my house?? My girls would eat this stuff Conference we are totally doing this; in fact, I think I will print them all up now and be ready for next Conference! Joy School has detailed lesson plans complete with all supplemental materials, including songs, online! It ROCKS! The link is run to that site and won't regret it! One day, it'll be fun to meet your cute little family...

  5. I seriously wish I had read this before last weekend. I love how simple this idea is, yet how exciting for the kids. I'm bookmarking it for next April. Thanks!

  6. I love these ideas. My 6 year old was just comenting on the "boring" conference. She won't think it is boring anymore!!!


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