Wednesday, September 7, 2011

our trip to the south: byu vs. ole miss!

Yesterday I mentioned that we took a roadtrip over the weekend to support our Cougs and be there for the opening game against Ole Miss! It was awesome!!!!!

Here's a little video of us road trippin' it southern style. (We love bluegrass).

And oh my goodness, we loved the south so much. I could not stop taking pictures! The things I noticed most were the Baptist churches everywhere, the Jesus signs in all the front yards, the beauty parlors on every street corner, and that everyone drives a truck!

Here's an example of the sign that says, "Jesus."
(ok, i should have cropped this picture a bit, haha. its that little green rectangle).
an example of the cutest Baptist church.
a cotton field.
these cool trees with ivy growing all over them.
haha, i had to take a pic of "craft street"
what a cute little house- i love the front porch and rockers! notice the truck!

When we got to Oxford, where Ole Miss is at, we were blown away by how cute that town is! The night before, we watched "The Blind Side," to pump us up for the game!

We thought this tarp was hilarious!
This one cracked me up too.

The Ole Miss campus is so beautiful and well kept. This is one of the sorority houses, it was amazingly cute. We really love BYU, but we can definitely see why this would be a really fun university to attend.
The pre-game BBQs going on in the parking lot was a sight I had never seen. There is some serious school spirit down there!

All the student body, and I mean everyone, was dressed up for the game. All the girls were in dresses and heels, and the guys were wearing nice shorts or slacks and dress shirts. It was so cool! We loved talking to some of the students- everyone was so nice to us, despite our wearing True Blue colors!

After all the Ole Miss pictures I'm posting, you'd think I was a Rebel. Nope, I'm a Cougar through and through. I bleed blue. We couldn't believe how many fellow Cougar fans were there!
Check out that blue section!

It was really fun to win our first game of the season. Being independent of any conferences, it's fun to have new teams to play. We had such a good experience at Ole Miss, and were so grateful for all the nice, happy people there!

Our kids have now been to their first BYU football game. They did great! After the game, our oldest daughter said that she wants to go there for college like her mommy and daddy did. Sweet! 

If you're reading this, and are not a BYU fan, thanks for letting me indulge a little!

And here's how you can make some fun football rice krispie treats for your next football party!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time! We watched the game on tv & my husband wished he was there! So fun!

  2. Looks like a fun place to visit! Glad you guys had such a fun time! That video cracked me up!! ha ha And thanks for the shout out! :)

  3. I live just outside of Oxford!! That house you like so much is just down the road from me. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time in our little town! I grew up in Michigan, but have lived here (married to an Ole Miss grad), since 1996. I wouldn't live anywhere else. It's a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Come back and see us anytime :)

    PS That "ivy" on the trees is a very invasive and aggressive plant called kudzu that President Carter brought back from Africa.

  4. Isn't the South just awesome?! I love it. Very traditional and slower paced. What a true fan driving that distance. Go Cougars!!

  5. It was such a great game!! Did you know that Michael Oher was actually a BYU student at one point? No joke! They were the only University who would let him finish up some of his High School credits online the summer before he started at Ole Miss!

  6. So glad you enjoyed your trip to the FABULOUS South! :) The ivy in the trees is Kudzoo and you cannot kill that stuff!! Oxford, MS is an awesome town! I actually live in Alabama, but my son's best friend goes to Ole Miss and he spends ALOT of time over there and LOVES it!!

    As for me? WAR EAGLE!!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  7. I love the pictures of Oxford and Ole Miss on game day. Glad you had a great time.

    Hotty Toddy!

  8. Glad that the Ole Miss fans were nice to you...they take their tailgating very serious...well I guess we do too at AUBURN...WAR EAGLE!!


  9. So glad you enjoyed your trip to Oxford. We live 45 minutes away from Oxford and always love visiting there. It was great to hear the thoughts on our area from someone who lives outside of the South!! Great blogpost! Welcome back anytime!

  10. I loved the insider look you gave us! Come see a morning sickness pill!

  11. We would have watched 'Blind Side' beforehand too! What a neat trip- it really does look beautiful and exciting! I browsed around your blog a bit- it's adorable! And your Pinterest- our idea of "dream home" is quite similar- I really like veranda's and gables too :) I'm your newest follower and sure hope I can keep in touch with you better! Have a great rest of the weekend!

  12. AWESOME! Man, it's so pretty there! And heck yes, GO BYU!!!

  13. Such a FUN post to see! The video of your cute kids is adorable. Ole' Miss fans are some of the fanciest tail-gaters around...did you go in "The Grove"? Some fans bring their silver and have fancy centerpieces on their fabulous food tables. "The Grove" might be that area pictured where the canopies are close together. I love to watch Ole'Miss games on TV to see all the girls in cute sundresses in the stands.

  14. What a fun post! I was born and raised in Mississippi (although I don't live there anymore) so this post was a little like a trip home.

    I am NOT an Ole Miss fan though. ;) I was raised a Mississippi State fan and root for any team that beats Ole Miss (their rival) so we were cheering BYU on during that game. :)

    PS. Stopped over from Tatertots and Jello when I saw your football rice krispie treats linked up. Those are adorable.


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