Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Costumes... Cinderella and Prince Charming

 Since I just posted pictures of me dressing up as Cinderella at my daughter's princess party, I guess I better explain where the costume came from...
{my poor husband is probably going to die of embarrassment}

ok. so a few years ago- I do not know what got into me- but I thought it would be fun to dress up as Prince Charming and Cinderella for Halloween. I think we pulled it off pretty well, but before I go any further, I have to tell you that it took a lot of convincing and coaxing and one really good promise in order to convince Troy to go along with this. I'm pretty sure all the guys who saw him in this costume had a really good laugh, but hopefully said to themselves, that's a guy who really loves his wife. Haha, he took it in stride, and is confident enough to go along with most of my crazy ideas. Gosh I love him.

But still, to this day, I cannot believe I made him do this! poor chap.
Although I hafta say, I do think he made one handsome Prince Charming!!!

As far as costume construction goes...

The Cinderella dress was my junior high school prom dress! My mom made it, and the cool thing is that its reversible! (She's a genius).  I added the white satin with safety pins, covered a headband with satin, and found the other accessories laying around.
For Prince Charming, there was a lot of cardboard, gold fabric, curtain tassels, random trimmings, hot glue, and safety pins involved. This was a 20 minute job tops. I just used a white shirt and black pants, and hand sewed or safety pinned all the trimmings to my victim husband.

Oh, and then there's our kids. Yeah, I made Halloween a little more about us than our kids that year... whoops. But they were little and didn't care. Now Halloween is all about them :)
So we had a mini Cinderella, who wouldn't share any candy and that devious look on her face just kills me. And then there was baby Gus Gus. We borrowed that amazing costume from a good friend. She looked so hilarious!

And there ya have it. One cheesy but happy family ever after on Halloween 3 years ago. (way, way cheesy). The end.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Princess Party with Cinderella.

My kids wanted a princess party. In our backyard.
Since they all have winter birthdays, we never party in the summertime.
I said yes, as long as they worked hard for it all summer.
They earned it.

I decided to surprise them, by dressing up as Cinderella.
They had no idea until I walked down the stairs 10 minutes before party time.
"Mom! You look beautiful," they said.
They couldn't believe I was playing dress up with them!
It was a special day. A princess party for no reason but fun.
And because I love my little girls.
Here's what we did:

Cinderella read a story about the Princess and the Pea.
The girls then had to lay out their beach towels,
lay down, and find the pea that was hidden underneath, to pass the princess test.
(It was a small bouncy ball).

Then we played games like,
"Princess Says," (our take of Simon Says),
and "Princess Princess Queen" (our take of Duck Duck Goose).

We had a pool/sprinkler party.
And a royal gift exchange.
We almost decorated crowns, but then forgot.
We ate lots of treats.
And passed out party favors.

It was simple and fun, and one of our best memories of summer.

The decorating was simple, 
but a true princess feast indeed.
To make this platter, you can see that all you need are 
cups, plates, and hot glue.

And a little help from your 5 year old. Rapunzel was found here.
We loved these butterfly treats, made by my friend Kim.
The fanciest we got was with these cupcakes in an ice cream cone.
It made clean-up a lot easier on the servants. :)

Oh, what a day! Backyard parties in the summer are the best.

Monday, September 26, 2011

how to make a gourmet hobo dinner.

We went camping over the weekend. My hubby got off work and we headed straight for the sticks. I was determined to knock his wool socks off with the best hobo dinner he's ever had. So here's my take on a fancy hobo dinner, a true man-food meal. 
(If I had added a little bacon, then it really would have been manfood. Didn't think of that ahead of time)! 
But he still loved it! Girls, you've gotta try this if you've never made this for your man!

1-2 pounds raw ground beef
BBQ sauce (Famous Dave's Rich and Sassy is the best)!!!
Worchestershire sauce
1 onion
5 carrots
4 potatoes
salt and pepper
(makes 2-3 depending on the size)

1. A slab of raw beef doesn't look too gourmet, does it? Trust me, this will be good.
Use 2 layers of foil, and spray with Pam.  Shape a patty of raw beef (about 1 cup), season with salt and pepper.
2. Drizzle enough BBQ sauce and worchestershire sauce to make your man say, "mmm."
3. Grill some onions, and add to the top. 
(You don't have to grill them, but that's the only way my husband likes them, and it does make it extra tasty)!
4. Wash, peel, and chop some veggies and add to the pile. 
(I use carrots and yukon gold potatoes. I wash them well, but never peel them. I love the skins)!
Season well.
5. Wrap tightly by making a seam and folding in edges. Label with your name or initials or some type of symbol. (A blue star is meaningless, its just what popped into my head); this way it won't get mixed up in the fire.
6. Throw on the fire and cook for about 30 minutes. *Make sure you check the meat and don't eat it if you don't think its not thoroughly cooked! No pink!*

You could also make these in your oven just for fun. I'd cook it at 375 for about 30 minutes, then check it.

I don't have a picture of the finished product, since we were camping in the dark. But, this will turn out ah-mazing!

Hooray for the last campout of the season!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Once Upon a Weekend {Link Party #11} and Favorites


Last Week's Favorites:

ps- There are two giveaways going on at my blog right now, a cute pumpkin necklace and a rolled canvas. See right sidebar to enter!

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Miss Maggie's Place Giveaway-- Pumpkin Necklace

I am so excited to introduce you to one of the cutest Etsy shops....

Jennifer makes the cutest pop can jewelry, and today she is giving away one of her cute pumpkin necklaces, just in time for Halloween!  Head to the bottom for details on the giveaway!

But first, let me introduce you to Jennifer, the gal behind the shop. She also has a really cute craft blog, where she posts all sorts of fun ideas. She says,
"I'm a Georgia Peach and I LOVE the 80's. I also in my 5th year as a Girl Scout Leader. I feel so blessed that I get to spend my time these awesome girls. We do have lots of fun doing community service projects, learning new skills and doing lots of crafts. This gives me lots of insight to what tweens like and think is cool. I'm also the mother of a tween.
In my Etsy shop, Miss Maggie's Place, you will find a variety of items for tween and teen girls such as pop can jewelry and juice pouch purses and wallets or take a trip back to the 80's with retro braided ribbon barrettes. I love using upcycled materials as much as possible and this makes my shop trendy and eco-friendly. I hope you'll stop by and see what I have to offer for the tween in your life."
Now for the giveaway...

There are 4 ways you can enter to win:
(please leave a separate comment for each way you enter).

1. Follow Miss Maggie's Place Blog.
2. Like Miss Maggie's Place on Facebook.
3. Follow Family Ever After.
4. Like Family Ever After on Facebook.

The winner will be chosen using and will be announced on my facebook page on Friday, September 30.
 Good luck, and thank you Jennifer from Miss Maggie's Place, for sponsoring this fun giveaway!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

how to make a rollie pollie stuffed animal tutorial

Recently I was invited to participate in the Do Something Crafty Challenge on the blog, The Crafty Nest. I was so excited that I was invited to participate. So here was the challenge... myself and 3 other bloggers were sent the same mystery items in the mail, and we were challenged to create something crafty with them. We were allowed to incorporate other materials. We're all being featured this week, (here's my feature), then on Septemeber 23, voting begins for your favorite project.

If you'd like vote for my project, click here.
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Okay, now for my project. I made a Rollie Pollie stuffed animal for my daughter (aka, potato bug). If you need to laugh, its really okay. I totally went out on a limb with this project. My husband laughed too! (But since he knows our daughter so well, he thought it was perfect).
Yep, just let it all out... hehehehahaha. There. 
Now let me explain why I made this!

Before the mystery items arrived in the mail, I had already decided that whatever I made would be something that had a true purpose. I didn't want to spend my time making something just for the sake of this contest. I wanted it to be something useful or functional, original, and I didn't want to spend any extra money doing it. But why a rollie pollie? Yes, that does need an explanation. Perhaps this picture says it all... My daughter is infatuated with them, and has been known to play with them all day long. Last year for Halloween, she requested to be a rollie pollie, so I made her this costume. I'm pretty sure she's gonna love this, and I can’t wait to surprise her on Christmas! 
So, here's how I used the items- the fabric was for the scales, tummy, and head. The yarn was for the legs and I hand sewed the pompom balls to the head for antennae. I used leftover scraps from last year's costume to complete the rest of the body. I hope you like what I made with the mystery items! It was such a great way to push my creativity, and to get something useful done. Thanks so much to Vanessa and her beautiful blog, for having me participate in this really fun challenge!

Here are a few more views:

Not that you're itching to make a rollie pollie stuffed animal anytime soon, but just in case, I've got a full tutorial. Let's begin!

 Materials needed:
about 1 yard of fabric, maybe a little less
fleece for the body, about 1/4 yard
poly fil cotton
rotary cutter and mat
thread, scissors, sewing machine, etc


1. Here's what I was sent in the mail.

 2. I started by making a tiny version of what I thought would work for the body, so I could visualize everything.

3. Cut strips of fabric, you'll need 7 total. Here are the measurements:
1 strip- 6 in by 17 in
2 strips- 6 in by 16 in
3 strips- 6 in by 15 in
 You can cut through 2 layers at a time.
 4. Fold in half, right sides together, and sew along the edge of your presser foot, one short end and the long end, leaving the opposite end open.
 Here's what it'll look like.
(note: I accidentally made mine too thin, yours will be double this width if you follow the measurements I gave you).
 5. Turn right side out, using a wooden dowel.
 6. Stuff with cotton.
I bought this bad for about $2.00 at Hobby Lobby with a coupon.
 7. Sew both ends, so you have an inch of fabric with no cotton. Don't worry about finishing your raw edges.
 8. Cut two large oval pieces to form the body. Mine is about 18 in by 12 in.
 9. Cut a similar shape of contrasting fabric. This will be the tummy. Using a decorative stitch, sew about every 1/4 inches apart to create this design.
 10. Zig zag onto one layer of the body.
 11. Cut 2 layers of interfacing to be ironed onto the body (or fleece). Fleece is hard to work with unless its reinforced somehow.
 13. Time to sew on the legs. They will be attached to the side of the body that has the tummy. I cut strings about 6 inches long, folded them in half, twisted them, then sewed them really well to each side of the body.
 Let's see how we're doing in real life. I tend to sew with little munchkins on my lap a lot!
 14. On the other side of the body, you're going to attach the tubes that you made. Just sew along the edge, attaching them the best you can.
Now stand back and admire your work so far, and ask yourself if you're insane. It looks like a crazy oversized Easter egg!
 Also admire your daughter's creativity. She's making a breadstick necklace with the yarn...
 15. Now place right sides together, and sew around the edges the very best you can. This part was a bit difficult! But you can do it!
 16. Turn right side out. It's starting to resemble some type of creature!
 17. Stuff with cotton, hand stitch shut. I used a running stitch.
 18. Design the head. I cut a circle of the fleece, added button eyes and backed it with interfacing, stitched a smile, then zig-zagged it to another circle of the decorative fabric. Then I stitched two layers of the decorative fabric together, right sides together, to form the head.
 19. Then I stuffed the head with cotton and hand stitched it together. Then I hand sewed it onto the rollie pollie's body.
 20. Last, I added pom-poms for pretend antennae. (I don't think rollie pollies have antennae, but I thought it would be cute)! Here's the YouTube video tutorial I followed.

That's it!!! Please email me if you have any questions at all! {familyeverafter at gmail dot com}
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***One more time, if you wanna vote for my project, or any of the other awesome projects, click here.***