Thursday, August 18, 2011

there is something about this song...

Sometimes its fun to take a break from projects and crafty ideas, and to post something that rejuvenates my soul. There's nothing better than a good country song as the perfect pick-me-up. Remember, I'm a small-town type of gal :)

The other night T-man and I were listening to this song while driving in the car. It reminds us of our dating years... back when it was just a kiss goodnight. This song gives me the biggest butterflies ever, especially when I am missing and thinking of him! I'm so glad we never have to "say goodnight" at the doorstep anymore. I could listen to this over and over. I just have to get all sappy every now and then and confess my love for my man.


  1. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I had never seen the video though- thanks for sharing!!! :)

  2. I really love Lady A, this song is great! Isn't it fun to reminisce about the first dating days?? I love going over old memories with my husband! Thanks for sharing!


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