Monday, July 4, 2011

may the 4th be with you....

Our day was filled with...
a parade, BBQ with amazing neighbors, visiting daddy at work, catching fireflies, and kid friendly fireworks.

It was a beautiful, glorious day.
Ah, the American Dream.

here's a few of my crafts and decor from this year....

(anyone know which blog this printable is from? i could have sworn i saved it on pinterest, so i could give credit and thanks to its creator. for the life of me i cannot remember where i found it, but i know its one of my favorite blogs. i will find it, but until then, i apologize)!

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  1. That "God Bless America" printable is from It is one of my favorites too. I wish you lived in UT, I'm looking for a clogging class for my daughter. They are hard to find these days.



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