Wednesday, July 27, 2011

kevins pics

You might remember the "Vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota" series I did in June. I had fun with it. I was going to wrap it all up with these funny pictures, but I kind of forgot, so here they are now. 

So my little sister has a friend from Utah, who made a recent trip to South Dakota. I asked him if I could use a few of the pictures he posted on facebook because they were cracking me up. He is hilarious! I loved his perspective of random things he found in the Black Hills. (This might only be funny if you've ever been there).

I used to be a tour guide at these caves. Too bad he didn't get to go visit!

Storybook Island. I painted that Mary Had a Little Lamb house when I was in high school for a service project.
I hate these signs they have posted all over SD. They are so depressing.
This is where I grew up. I miss those open skies!

This is at the airport security. Seems pretty serious, right? haha

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  1. Ha ha! He seems like a funny kid! :) Funny pictures!


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