Friday, July 8, 2011

Mommy by Day, Crafter By Night

Last night I told you about my friend who brought my family a "just because" dinner. It was so thoughtful, and so greatly appreciated. And, so. delicious. (pineapple and chicken skewers, grilled corn on the cob and baked potatoes)! 

My friend Ashley is one of the sweetest and most talented people I know, which is why I'd like to introduce her new craft blog to you. Be sure to scroll down and check out the guitar she re-vamped for her husband, it rocks! :)

ps- The tutu giveaway from Kadydid Designs ends tomorrow night! Be sure to enter for a chance to win!


  1. You are so sweet!!! Thanks for featuring MY blog on YOUR blog!!! You are awesome! :)

  2. When I read your post about friendship it made me so happy that you have such a support system out there-- you deserve it. I wish I was there to take your clogging class-- I've done a lil' clogging in my past (not so hot at it) but with you as a teacher it would've been a blast!
    Love what you've been doing on here-- so much variety-- I look forward to new posts :)miss ya!

  3. I love that this post showed up in my Google alerts - great blog!


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