Thursday, June 2, 2011

"in the garden..." my inspiration

Have you ever heard the song, "In the Garden?" 

It is beautiful, really speaks to my soul.

I love it because it was my mom's favorite song in her Catholic hymnal when she was a little girl. 
This is her garden. When my parents moved to South Dakota, they purchased the lot next door, and turned it into a huuuuge garden.

I was humming the lyrics as my husband and I planted our very first garden.
  There's something so serene and peaceful about plants. Another one of God's amazing creations.
A garden is one of my bucket list items that I am so excited to try this year! Here's the first glimpse:

My husband played that song on the guitar and sung it at my great-grandma's funeral a few years ago. Those words can really speak comfort to someone's soul.
{one of my favorite pics of my husband, had to share}

Have you ever heard Brad Paisley's or Alan Jackson's version of it? Here's AJ, give it a listen, it is soooo pretty and will give you the goosebumps. Enjoy!


  1. Your garden looks awesome Rachel! I am impressed! Can't wait to see the things you grow and what you do with them!
    I have never had my own garden before... I bet it feels good to have your own and know that you are growing healthy things for your family! Awesome!

  2. We have a garden for the first time in a long time this year. (The first one failed miserably years ago and haven't tried it since.) We were smarter about the location this time and so far it's growing great. I LOVE the grid on your garden. Gonna do that next year! How big are those spaces?

  3. You both are so talented! I just checked out your other blog too! Way to go Troy! Greg spends every spare moment at the golf course. Have you ran your half marathon yet? If so, how was it?

  4. "In the Garden" is one of my favorite hymns, too! Loved hearing it again, AJ style!


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