Thursday, March 10, 2011

self portraits in my kitchen

A few Sundays ago, the sun was bursting through the window in my kitchen. All three kids were taking a nap. Husband was in Chicago dissecting and mock operating on human heads (thank you for donating your bodies to science, may you rest in peace). I had two goals that afternoon: do something creative and clean my kitchen. An hour later, I had a clean kitchen and some silly self portraits so I will always remember where I spend my days. 

Who wants to play?

The Rules:
1. You can't take yourself too seriously. What you are doing (putting your camera in your oven?) is totally ridiculous and you know it! This is just for fun.
2. Capture yourself somewhere in your kitchen.
3. Be creative. Use as many different angles, reflections, scenarios as you can. Hopefully your camera has a self timer because they have to be taken by you, starring you.
4. Email me (familyeverafter at gmail) your favorites, and I will post them on this blog.
Post them on your blog, notify me, and I will link your post.
5. You have until Monday, March 21.
*bonus: for playing, i will edit your pics if you want me to. 
*obviously, don't use your camera near heat sources. my oven was cold.




  1. You crack me up Rachel bout 'not putting your camera in the HOT oven.' You really did a nice jobe w/ur pics..I like them..they are original&creative..liked seeing that cute little boy of yours too!

  2. i LOVE your pictures!!!!
    what a cute and fun idea!

  3. oops....sorry that was tamara signed in as todd on accident:)

  4. Uh! To-odd!
    Name that movie!
    (christmas vacation)

    we always say that when we talk about you guys tam, hehe.

  5. Oh my gosh, I love this idea! I am totally gonna do it! I LOVE the pics you took! You are so creative! I especially love the one of your reflection in the pot lid!

  6. p.s. your hair is really cute.

  7. SUPER fun idea!! Heard about it from Jen @ Tatertots and Jello. I'm a new follower...I'll be back for the link-up!

    I LOVE self-portraits. I know that narcissistic, but it's fun! :)

    You have a cute blog!

  8. HA! What a totally fun idea! Read about it at Tatertots and Jello. Just became a new follower and I think I am going to give it a shot...anything that will make my family look at me in awe and wonder just how sane I may or may not be is always a plus! ;) Hope you don't mind but I think I will post about this on my blog as well.

  9. ok, so Heather (comment above mine) directed me to your blog because I love taking silly photos of myself. LOVE this idea! Totally want to play along! You and your photos ROCK! :)

  10. I followed my BFFer, Heather, here! LOVE this idea and thinking I'll jump on this bandwagon! Great idea!

  11. What fun! I think I would be nervous about putting my camera in the oven even if it was definitely off! :)

  12. Found this challenge from delia creates and LOVE it. Can't wait to get my camera clicking!

  13. Rachel, you are too cute! Love the pictures!

  14. That is a really fun idea! I'm going to have to try it this week as I seem to be spending every waking minute in there right now.

  15. thanks you so much for linking this up to flashback fridays. this is hilarious!
    flashback fridays is going on again today and will be going all week.. go enter!
    {love} lauryn @


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