Sunday, March 13, 2011

kid craft- coffee filter shamrocks

reasons i love st pattys day....
Its the one day a year that i'll buy sugar cereal for breakfast,
and i love Lucky Charms!
It's fun to pinch people.
I love green.
Irish dinners are fun to make.
I like to look for 4 leaf clovers.
It's a silly but fun holiday to celebrate with kids.

Here's a really easy project I came up with, keeps the kids occupied for a while.
Now that's lucky.

Supplies Needed:
coffee filters
green markers
droppers (I use the ones that come with infant tylenol)

What to do:
Have you or kids color on a coffee filter with green markers.
Put small drops of water over the marker, let it dry.
Fold the filter by halves 3 times.
Cut half a heart shape along the fold.
Use the scraps to make a stem.


  1. These are so cute--I love how simple and easy they are. I shared them on my blog today. :)

  2. Love these too! Coming from Silly Eagle Books! Vanessa mentioned these!


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