Monday, December 20, 2010

dear santa

My husband just told me last night that there is a real place in Alaska, a little town called the North Pole, where your kids can send a letter to Santa, and possibly receive a response. We're too late to try it this year, but next year we will for sure! Here's a link with more info.
How to send a letter to Santa

I got a big kick out of the pictures our 4 year old drew on her letter to Santa...

and here's from the two year old.


  1. There sure is, and I've been there! Its cute and Santa is there year round. In the summer he wears red shorts, too!

  2. So cute, love reese's drawings! We just sent our letters to Blandon's Mom and she wrote back as Santa. He LOVED it!

  3. Pat and I have a friend (went to college with Pat) that live in North Pole Alaska!

    Love the kids letters and drawings!


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