Saturday, October 16, 2010

signing out ( i know, just when i start to get this blog rolling). i'll be back soon!

I'm feeling slightly bogged down with things in my life, and I can't stand having the guilt of blogging hang over my head, so I'm taking a blogging break and setting myself free for the next few weeks in efforts to buckle down and get stuff done. Stay tuned to see what on earth our silly kids requested for their Halloween costumes, and my attempt at fulfilling their wishes via my sewing machine. Wish me luck!

ps- nothing monumental to note, except that our computer has some sort of virus, making it very difficult to post pictures, I am still not moved in or organized like I need to be, I am behind on taking our kids annual pictures, I have 6 urgent sewing projects going on, my family just decided to celebrate Christmas over Thanksgiving break (can't wait!) and I am making all their gifts this year, and our 9 month old still hasn't had his 6 month check up.... something has got to go, and since this blog isn't even close to what i envision, it'll have to wait a little longer. see you in november!   

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

baby boy tie shirt

Time to whip out the old sewing machine.  Baby brother grew out of the vest I made a few months back to match his sister's outfits.  So, here's my quick fix to keep them all matching.  I try not to be too cheesy-but it just makes me smile- what can I say.   These things are selling like hotcakes in Utah, so I hear.

I could post a tutorial, but its pretty self explanatory.  I traced the end of one of my husband's ties onto a piece of paper.  Then I placed the paper design on my fabric, and gave it a slight angle so the stripes weren't exactly vertical or horizontal, then cut it out.  I just laid it on the shirt, placed a few pins in, and zigzagged all the way around.  I played with a scrap of fabric first to make sure the zigzag settings would work.  That's it!  And uses hardly any fabric!