Friday, September 24, 2010

come on in.

Welcome to our house!  I have promised a lot of people pictures, so here's your virtual tour. So far, we love our home, and live in a wonderful neighborhood with the most amazing neighbors I could have ever imagined!

During our married lives, we've gone from our first place which was 400 square feet for 1.5 years, to a basement apartment for 1 year, to a stinky apartment for 6 months, to a wonderful apartment for 1.5 years, to my parent's attic for 2 years. We are beyond thrilled to be living in our first real house together after 7 years of marriage! We are so grateful for what we found, and have so many fond memories and moments to look forward to while living here. We have a long way to go until we're settled in!

All these pictures were taken about 2 weeks after we moved in.  I didn't clean my house the morning I took these pictures, so its very messy!  You get to see us at our worst.  But this should motivate me to get on the ball and post some "after" pictures.

Here is our front porch/driveway.  There were so many gorgeous plants when we first arrived.
A view of the front.  Our house is a grayish-blue. 
This is the basic view when you come in.  A closet, hallway leading to the eating area, an office to the left and the stairwell to the right.
The office.  I can't wait to post some updated pics, it looks much better now.  We're going for a black & white theme in this room with turquoise accents.

I can't believe I'm posting this picture! How embarrassing. But hey, its real life here.

The playroom (supposed to be the dining room).  
A view into the playroom from the kitchen.
The kitchen.  
The eating area.
A view into our family room.
A view of our backyard and deck, one of my favorite parts of this house!
The garage, right off the family room.
The dungeon.  This is where the laundry, food storage, and crafting area will be. 
Now we're upstairs.  This is baby brother's room.  I'd love to decorate it in a cowboy theme.
The girls room.  I can't wait to get started decorating!
The guest room.  We love to have visitors!
The upstairs bathroom.
Master bedroom- needs a lot of work!!
Master bathroom.
Master closet/toilet.
Random corner.

Hopefully more updated pictures to come soon!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

i saw american idol's kris allen!

If you are an American Idol fan, you will recognize Kris Allen, last year's winner.  I try really hard not to get star-struck, and be that annoying fan.  I've never ran into anybody famous before, so this was kind of cool, and he was really nice about it.

So here's the story.  While my sister-in-law was here for a visit, we were eating at a small pizza parlor, and were the only customers there.  Upon leaving, we noticed a group of three guys who had just walked in and were sitting in the front of the restaurant.  They were all dressed the same.  I swore it was Kris Allen, and wanted to go up and say hi.  I felt bad disturbing him, and he didn't look busy or bothered, so I did.  We told my 4 year old daughter to go up to him and say, "You are handsome," which she did.  He got a good laugh.  I was happy to tell him that we watched his season of AI and totally voted for him!  He was just enjoying an afternoon with members of his band.  Anyway, a little blurry, but here are the pics.  And there's my moment of fame.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

phase two

Ah, I totally knew this was going to happen... I was going to move, we'd work really hard to get through un-packing Phase One, and then everything would hit me...

new time zone
new city
new job
new friends
new walls...

that are still empty.  So Phase One- the one where all the boxes are unpacked and torn down, sitting in a nice stack in the basement- is over.  We are currently still in Phase Two- the piles!  Piles of clothes, piles of decor, piles of papers, piles of bedding, piles of randomness (batteries, flashlights, medicine, shoe polish etc).

It's always Phase Two that slows me down.  Phase One was very unexciting, but once the necessities are unpacked, you learn to live that way until you've stared at blank walls long enough to make you feel you might start going crazy. 

Currently in Phase Two, with no immediate end in sight.  I'll start posting pictures of my progress soon.

Friday, September 17, 2010

sometimes i can't sleep at night

that's it!
i can't do it.

i have only posted a few personal pictures on this blog.
it just eats at me.
i can't stand knowing that pictures of us are floating around out there for anyone to see.
i'm blogging all personal family things here.
email me or leave a comment if you want to be invited.
this blog remains for project/idea/photography stuff.

i'm back.