Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Blog Conferences:
Sewing Summit 2013
Sewing Summit 2012

Things on My ♥:
2014 Sewing Goals
My Blogging Goals 
My College Major
Where I Learned to Sew
My Daily Schedule
7 Random Things About Me
Kitchen Self-Portraits
Living the Dream {motherhood}
Life's Bucket List
Professional Ping Pong

Travel Log Summer 2013
Things to do on your South Dakota Road Trip
10 FREE Things to do in Rapid City, SD
Seasonal Things to do in the Black Hills
Outdoor Activities in the Black Hills
Places to eat in the Black Hills
My Day at Harvard
Boston Tips
St. George, Utah
Ole Miss, Oxford Mississippi
Niagra Falls
Travel Tip to Disney World

Disney Inspired Outfits

My Family:
8 Happy Years

Extended Families:
Thanksgiving in SD
My Sisters
A Tribute to my Dad on Memorial Day

Healthy Living:
My First Half Marathon
Lessons I've Learned from RUNNING
Food Allergies and Health Food 

Clogging in the Community
A video of my friend and I clogging

Goodbye Garden
Tips for Preparting a Garden
"In the Garden" inspiration
Favorite Gardening books

When You're Bored at a Hotel
Free Phone Call from a Disney Princess
Hot Glue Barbie Shoes

My Daily Schedule

While You Were Sleeping:
Nap Adventures pt 3
Nap Adventures pt 2
Nap Adventures pt 1

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